Aug 21, 2019

How to Lower Blood Pressure Without Taking Tablets or Spending Lot of Money

How can i reduce my high blood pressure without taking drugs or spending too much? The truth about lowering high blood pressure is that is not so easy to manage and it may be expensive simply because you need to but drugs, you need to check your blood pressure regularly, you need to go see the doctor and you need to buy prescription drugs which seems to be on the high side when it comes to price and many of us may not be able to afford.

High Blood Pressure occurs when the reading of the blood pressure that is the systolic reading and diastolic reading seems to be higher than the normal and this have a huge effect on the rate at which which the heart pumps blood and when left untreated, it may lead to death of an individual. High blood pressure have been seen as one of the major cause of death all over the world but common in many part of Africa, America and some part of Europe.

But lowering a high blood pressure solely depends on what the doctor prescribe on the patient, some medications such as the use of drugs like amylodipine and other expensive drugs just to keep the heart and blood pressure back to its normal position. But as you on with this post, we will be looking at the various ways by which the high blood pressure can be lowered without the use of tablets, drugs like amilodipine and not spending much money on this. This is more like home remedy for treating high blood pressure and making it get lower back to the normal state.

Some of the ways anybody can lower high blood pressure without spending much money or taking expensive tablets includes;

1. Ensure to Lose Weight : One of the simple ways to lower your blood pressure to its normal state is to ensure your find simple working ways to lose weight. Getting rid of your excessive fat in the body is one of the best ways to do this without seeing a doctor or using pills This can be done by doing simple and gentle exercises like walking, running, jogging and reducing your fatty food intake. 

As you engage in any weight loss method through exercise and dieting, you will burn excess fat, you shed excess unwanted calories and al this will help in bringing back to normal the pumping of blood to other part of the body. Do this and you will be happy you did because you wont be spending lot of money or taking any pills for your controlling your blood pressure.

2. Through Exercise : Just as it was clearly stated above that one of the ways we can lower our high blood pressure if you have any is through weight loss method like doing some exercises. All these exercises can be done in the comfort of your home, at the gym, through manual or electronic machines and many more. Good and recommended exercise for this includes running, jogging, speed walking, cycling, jumping, yoga and many more. Exercises allows easy and even circulation of blood from the heart, through the blood vessels and to other part of the body which keeps the heart safe and pressure normal.
lower blood pressure without drugs or amilodipine
3. Eat Good and Healthily: You can also reduce your high blood pressure without a doctor, tablets, pills or buying expensive medications only through what you eat since we are what we eat. The major cause of issues of blood pressure originates from what we eat and to treat it locally by self still depends on what to eat or what we eat. You only need to eat more vegetables, fruits, vitamins, drink more water and avoid sugary drink and many more balance diet. 

Ive had so much discussion about high blood pressure with health experts and many will tell you that you need drugs but nutritionist will tell you that you need good food like more veggies.

4 . Reduce Sodium Consumption; If you look at some of the causes of high blood pressure or what raises the blood pressure in people, you will see that sodium is also a leading cause and it is found in tablet salt we use at home. Our home or local salt contains sodium ion that causes increases the blood pressure in the body when its becomes too much in the body system. To avoid spending lot of money on high blood pressure or using tablets, take precaution by reducing your salt in take and it solve the situation gradually.

5. Reduce Excess Alcohol Intake: If you are the type that take alcohol and you have high blood pressure, the best home treating you can use to treat this or reduce it, is to abstain from the alcohol like beer or rum intake. Alcohol is a drug and if you have a high blood pressure and still take it, then your blood pressure might increase but you can reduce it by through reduction of alcohol, spirit, vodka beer, rum and many more.

6. Just Quit Smoking: If you are the kind of person that smoke cigarette a lot and you have high blood pressure, the best home remedy for you to lower or reduce it, is to leave smoking completely. Smoking of cigarette exposes the body to cancerous growth and other health issues. Smoking can also increase the rate of blood pressure but if you put a stop to smoking, you will be healthy without the use of drugs and spending lot of money to get a lower blood pressure instead of high blood pressure.

7. Avoid Taking Caffeine: One of the ways to reduce or lower your blood pressure to its normal reading or state without taking tablets or without spending lot of money is to cut your intake of caffeine. This can be done by taking less of caffeinated drinks, coffee drinks, energy drinks and many more. 

8.  Avoid Stressful Activities: When the body accumulate too much stress, it may lead to blood pressure becoming high. And one good way to lower high blood pressure without spending so much money and drugs/Tablets is to avoid stressful things. And don't always think because it put more pressure on your body, watch comedy films, shows and be in happy mood always.

In conclusion
As you've seen in the content which was discussed above, you will see that it makes a lot of sense to treat and lower your high blood pressure without spending lot of money and taking any tablets if you avoid taking caffeine, if you quit smoking, if you avoid stress, if you reduce salt and sugar intake, if your exercise your body, if you lose weight and if you do away with alcohol. Thanks for reading.
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Aug 20, 2019

9 Benefits of Unripe Fruits Without Sugar Contents to The Body

Out of all the food items I know, I've grown to know about fruits and the various benefits that follows when you eat fruits such as fast digestion, speed on the rate of metabolism and repair of worn out tissues but little did I know that some unripe fruits like papaya, plantain, peaches, mango, etc also have some medicinal values and importance to health some which you will see as you read on with this post.

Although due to lack of knowledge, it seems many of us really don't know some of the advantages of unripe fruits like papaya and plantain which seems to be free in sugar contents and how relevant are to the body either for young people, old people, pregnant women and obese people. 

Whenever I see some herbs prepared with unripe fruits such as unripe plantain, unripe banana, unripe lime, lemon, unripe pineapple, grape, tangerine and many more, I do take some of these herbs although some may be bitter but the various benefits of these juice to the body cannot be underemphasized because these fruits are healthy and don't be surprised that some of these contain raw vitamins useful for the body. 

The health benefit of some of these unripe fruits without surgery contents to the body includes;

1. Ensures Healthy Heart: One of the benefits of unripe fruits without sugar contents to the body like unripe plantain is that some of these fruits keep the heart healthy and its in a well functioning state. I will like to let you know that many of these unripe fruits contain high amount of fibers which helps improve the flow of blood from the heart to other organs in the body including the heart. 

So, Eating unripe fruits which have no sugar contents like unripe plantain and pawpaw when processed and mixed together prevent heart diseases like hypertension, cardiac diseases, high blood pressure, stroke and conditions hypertension because some unripe fruits do not have sugar but contains minerals serotonin which  improve the heart without adding pressure on the heart even if you are older in age.

2. Act as Antibody:  Another important benefit of unripe fruits which have no sugar especially mango, orange, grape, plantain and pawpaw when added to meal do add Vitamin B6 to the body and this vitamin B6 play an important role in helping to prevent diseases of the blood like anemia. 

Unripe fruits contain high amount of Vitamin B6 in it which act as anti-body that prevent shrinking of red blood cells and weakness of fruits dy.

3. Fast Digestion: The only sure advantage of some unripe fruits when added to meal is that they mainly contain fiber which helps to fasten digestion rate an increase the body metabolism. 

The unripe fruits since it has no sugar contents help people empty their body easily which is a good way to keep your body healthy.

4. It help Prevent Diabetes: most likely reasons people eat some unripe fruits is because these fruits contain no sugar contents which means they are not sweet and do not supply sugar to the blood stream.

Unripe fruits like mango, plantain, pineapple, grape, orange, pawpaw etc all helps to reduce the sugar level in the blood/body. And fruits that do not contain sugar are good and recommended for diabetes or diabetic patients to eat so as to regulate their sugar level.
Unripe Fruits and its benefits

5.  Boost Good Sight; another common benefits we derive when we eat some unripe fruits that contain no sugar is that some contains minerals and vitamins which improves sight. Some of the vitamins includes vitamin C, D, E, B and most importantly Vitamin A which works for sight. Plantain, Orange, Grape, all which are unripe contain Vitamin A.

6. Some Reduce Low Cholesterol
; According to recent research that if you add specific unripe fruits that do not contain sugar contents such as payapa to food, it helps reduce the cholesterol level of the body. All these fruits contain high amount fiber, water and no sugar contents in it. Even without sugar, some still give energy when you had them to food or soak them in water.

7. It Improves Sexual Behavior:  Another benefits you get when you take some unripe fruits with no sugar contents is that for it boost sexual hormones in some people. These fruits do not have sugar in them and contains some active ingredients like vitamin E and Zinc which boost adult performances.

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8. Some Prevent Ulcer:  Another benefit of unripe fruits that contain no sugar content is that it contains substance like photo-chemical  which prevent ulcer. You only need to consult your doctor on this because some might be too acidic for the body system but your physician can help you out on this.

9. It is Rich in Iron; Based on studies and research, we found out that some unripe food that very good health benefits to the body like those that do not contain sugar e.g. unripe plantain in which it is very rich in Iron. And any fruits that contains Iron will help supply good amount of blood in the body which could help to prevent blood related diseases or shortage of blood.

In Conclusion

As discussed in the content above, we made thorough research and some good benefits of unripe fruits like papaya, grape, plantain, like, oranges etc were seen and noted for healthy living. Unripe fruits when combined in it raw or processed form gives lot of benefits to the body like it boost digestion rate, it boost sight, it provide vitamins and minerals for body development, very rich in fibers and most importantly contains Iron for blood. Thanks for reading.
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Aug 19, 2019

How to Achieve Fast Weight Loss by Eating Pap Often

I do tell people that "we are what we eat" whereas a nutritionist prove this wrong that we are never what we eat since we all have different body metabolism and rate of reaction. Which means this statement occurs to only few People and I agreed with that since everyone is still learning.

I have a group of friends which were used for experiment in southern Africa. All these have varying body size and shapes. These guys were divided into two, the first set we asked to drink pap without any other food for 4 days while the other set take the pap along with other foods.
How to Achieve Fast Weight Loss by Eating Pap Often

After 4th day of the task because the first set and second set were separated from each other, we then noticed the group that weren't taking only pap but with other food have the same weight result while the first group taking pap alone have a considerable weight loss even when the pap was mixed with milk, honey and other proteins just to have a separate taste.

The result led to this recent findings involving pap and we also did a little research on health benefit of pa pap and we are made to know that pap is a very common food in many part of West Africa and also seen as a good for recovery after sickness either for young or matured people.

Pap is made from maize and I can tell you that pap is low in calorie although it’s a starchy food but very light. Even while they are preparing pap from corn many starch are washed along which makes it healthier. It’s just like harvesting a corn, sundry it, allow it to ferment a little, grind it and sieve to become a food.

Another lady who works for me started taking pap and after a while around few days, her weight was just reducing because of the low calorie of the food which is good for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Opinion: If you really want lose weight fast or quickly, you need to do some simple exercises coupled with consumption low fatty foods like pap. Pap helps to lose weight very fast even without complications or side effect because pap is light in nature, it processing from corn has reduced some other starch in it and it gives energy.

So, if you feel you are overweight or you are beginning to see that you are getting obese, you can decide to eat pap more like many times a week or a day along with milk, low sugary items and other proteins. Doing this will reduce your calorie intake and your digestion rate also get faster which means you are on the right food plan on weight loss.

You can still eat this semi solid food more in the morning, in the afternoon or at night which is good instead starving yourself.  If pap is a local food in western Nigeria and that is why most northern tribe usually has a slim body due to the pap which does the work for them since it’s a low calorie food. 

The Chemistry
So, the idea is that when you take pap very often especially to lose weight fast, it works because pap is made from corn, its low in calories. Pap is light and pap is very high in fiber which aids digestion and body metabolism.  Regular intake of this food is very light and it increases the body rate of blood circulation and digestion which is the basis of weight loss.

With Exercises: If you are on a weight loss plan or diet plan especially with veggies, then pap is a perfect match for such plan as long as you are doing those to lose weight quickly. Like the last I recommended pap for a friend who went for holiday in the Western Africa, she came back thanking and appreciating that she too lot of pap and she was just urinating and she felt light throughout her stay.

No complications:
Unlike other weight loss ideas or foods that may result to complications when you eat them to maintain your weight, pap for weight loss isn’t part of those foods because taking pap still gives energy because it belong to the class of food called carbohydrates and their basic function according to elementary sciences is that pap gives energy, helps in body development and doesn’t make you grow fat.

Age or gender
One good thing about taking pap regularly to lose weight fast is that it doesn’t have any age restriction or gender selection. Men and women of all ages, young or old, big or fat can all take pap meal and it works well if you don’t want to be involved in eating too much of heavy food but light stuffs.

With Exercises;  taking pap with exercises gives more faster result because you are burning fat with those exercises and you are taking a food that also seems light and makes you full. 

In conclusion:
Eating pap often can actually make you lose weight based on some of the things we discussed in the article body above like having low calories, being light, containing fiber, can be used by men and women, young or old and it has no side effect on your health even when you are engaged in exercises and you are feeding on pap meal to lose weight. Thanks for reading.

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Aug 18, 2019

Best Gym Workout Routine for Women to Get Strong and Fit Within a Month

Our role is to provide free information and solution to various health issues involving people by providing medical information on ways to go about it. If you are on this site right now, i believe you are on the right online healthcare site and you will find all our  medical information useful.

As you read on with article, we will be looking at some of the best gym routine workout or exercises for women to get strong and fit all within a month. Women ought to do exercises because it eliminate diseases, it keeps the body strong and it ensure normal weight of that individual either you are a young lady or married woman.

What are the best gym routine workout for women to get stronger and fit?

Did you noticed that most women especially the married ones do feel lazy to do exercises and that is what makes many of them lose their beautiful shapes, some even get life threatening diseahses like hypertension and diabetes while some are overweight which makes them get obese within a short period of time.

So, when everything get wrong, many ladies and few women will run to the gym just to get back their shape. Some women will even get disappointed with their gym programs when they fail to get the desired result on fitness and weight loss but they forgot that the weight which was gained wasn't gained in a day so, you won't stay fit or lose weight in one day.

Working out at the gym is good and helps women get the best workout compared to if they decided to do it at home which works for some and doesn't work for others. 

So, recommended Gym Workout Routine for Women to get strong and fit within a month includes;

1. Walking Exercise: If you really want to get stronger and fit as a woman going the gym is to do walking exercises. Every gym center have a walking machine either manually or electronically that allows you to walk and cover some distance usually with a timer. The same distance that will be covered if you walk around the street or on the road is still the same that will be achieved through the walking machine. Walking help to keep a woman strong and fit and when you di it for a month, you stay healthier and lose weight as well.

2. Running Exercise: Everything we discussed about walking for women also applies to running as an exercise as well. But running is much more faster in getting result than walking workout. Workout for women by running is a perfect idea because it helps circulate blood around the body which ensure all the blood cells are in good working conditions. When a woman run, it makes them strong and fit within few days within a month.

Best Gym Workout Routine for Women

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3. Jogging Exercises: If  you are a woman who need a fitness idea on what to do at the gym, I see you need to lay your hands on the available jogging machine. Jogging works for all aspect of the body, it helps to lose weight fast, it keeps the body fit and strong and it eradicate diseases. Especially if your work is the office and sitting type, you need to make jogging a daily or weekly routine to attain good health and if you do this for around a month, there's its a perfect simple workout for your body even as a woman.

5. Yoga Exercises: Yoga is not so common among men because men do more muscular and cardio routine exercises at the gym but yoga is a better idea workout fitness idea for women. Yoga stretches the nerve cells, help in making sure the blood vessels circulate blood round the body from the heart to other organs like muscles, artery, veins etc. Some women just see people go to the gym while the have no plans but you can go for some yoga exercises to keep you healthy, strong and very fit even in body stamina stamina and balancing.

6. Cycling: cycling is a unique type of exercises recommended for women at the gym. You enjoy it and at the same time you keep your distance. Cycling machines situated at most gyms and you can easily tell your instructor to make it a gym routine for you especially yge electronic cycling machine. It works for the body generally, cycling keeps your thigh muscles very active, prevent you from being overweight because it burns excess fat and it boost brain activities as well.

7. Body Stretching: During the last women soccer world cup, you will notice that some of those women players can't just enter the field without stretching. Stretching is a form of exercises that will keep you healthy, fit and strong either you are married or nursing mom. Any exercise that keeps the body warm, healthy and fit are exercises that allow blood flow from all organs in the body and stretches is also part of these exercises. If you go to the gym either daily or on weekends, do some stretches at first before jumping into other exercises and you will be strong and healthy within a month of this workout.

8. Plank exercise: If you haven't heard of plank exercise then you are missing a lot even me and my colleagues don't joke with plank because it works for belly reduction. O know stubborn fat is vary difficult to get rid of but if you make plank one of your best routine exercises at the gym, then you won't be having problem of your belly getting bigger without knowing what to do reducing it. Its a terrible thing to see women or ladies with pot belly likeyou are pregant whereas plank exercise will eradicate it for you. You only put you two hand on the ground, push it up and using your and to carry your body like push ups but you will only be static for few second and that's all.

In Conclusion:

From our discussion so far on the best gym routine workout for women to stay healthy, strong and fit within a month, we see that there are simple exercises which are recommended like jogging exercises, running, walking, cycling, stretches, yoga and plank exercises are in good standing. If you find yourself at the gym either on weekend or daily, do not forget to go for these exercises. Thanks for reading.
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Aug 17, 2019

Foods That Can Help Lose Weight Fast Without Complications or Side Effect

Are you looking for foods that can assist you in achieving fast weight loss without problems? If that is what you want, then you have landed on the right site for such information especially when it comes to nutrition and weight loss related issues.

If you have followed or read through some of our post related to losing weight, you would have seen the various effect of losing weight quickly or slowly. If you have an optimum weight that is not overweight or underweight, its one of the healthy things to do because you won't fall sick, blood flow easily across the body and blood vessels and you gain some balance on your feet called stamina.

Weight loss isn't like a magic which means that the same way you gained those fat in your body are the same way you will lose them which makes it not look like magic or weight loss trick.

But over the years based on experience, I discovered that you achieve weight loss fast through exercises and dieting but much faster if you combine the two. It means if you are on any weight loss program through exercises, you need to assist the program by avoiding or eating more of some foods.

But today, we will be discussing foods that helps lose weight much faster without issues, complications or side effect. These foods are listed below which includes;

1. Water: One of the ways to assist in getting a quick weight loss without any complications later is that you need to drink more water. Drinking water ease and fasten digestion process, increases body metabolism and allows blood circulation throughout the body to make you get rid of excess fat.

If you in any weight loss plan, replace all your alcoholic drink, sugary drinks with water which seems to be good to lose weight quickly without side effect.

2. Cereals: Another category of foods that seems to assist well in getting to lose weight very quickly is no other than eating more of cereals. Cereals are low calorie foods which still gives energy. Foods like corn, sorghum, wheat, millet, rice, etc are recommended food that helps to lose weight fast and faster with no complications.

3. Fibers: These are foods that contains mainly fibers and water. When you eat more fibers, you digestions rate becomes faster, rapid cell and body metabolism which helps to lose weight fast. Combination of your weight loss plans with more of fiber foods like garden egg, wheat, carrot, cabbages, salads etc is a perfect combination.

4. Fruits: Fruit contains minerals and vitamins which are essential in achieving weight loss in a fast way. Just like fiber foods which was mentioned above, fruits also perform wonders in burning off fat in a faster way without any side effect. Fruits contains vitamins and minerals that are essential in breaking down of foods and undigested foods. Strawberry, oranges, carrot, apple, mango, banana, watermelon, tangerine etc all contains vitamins, fibers, minerals and water which aid fast digestion without noticing any complications.

5. Herbal tea; I made some research and I got to know that the secret of the slim body of most Chinese people is the fact that they drink herbal tea a lot. Herbal tea like green tea doesn't contain any fatty materials or sugary stuff. It means that quick weight loss can still be achieved through the consumption of green tea and the good side is that it has no complications or side effect of any kind.

Aside losing weight, green tea also keep the keep the brain healthy, prevent stroke, prevent heart diseases like hypertension and cardiac arrest.

6. Vegetables: A nutritionist said if you are really serious about getting rid of excess fat in your body, you can achieve it by eating more veggies. Vegetables also contains essential vitamins and minerals which are good for weight loss because it breakdown down fatty components in the body, improve digestion and body metabolism and prevent the body from accumulating fat. 
foods that helps lose weight fast

7. Skimmed milk: When one of my relatives had stroke many by years ago, the doctor as at that time said he should stop taking the normal liquid milk but instead he should take skimmed milk. Skimmed milk is a milk without fat because all the animal fat have been skimmed which means the more you drink, the lesser your body accommodate fat and you will get trimmed and healthy without being overweight. And the good thing about skimmed milk on weight loss is that is has no aide effect on anyone

8. Low sugar drinks: One of the major cause of high weight gain or being overweight is through intake of sugar. It means that when people take exceeding high amount of sugar through alcohol, juices, sugary foods, beer, etc. These sugar are converted to a fatty component called glycogen which makes you get fat without knowing.
9. Low junks food: if you want to lose weight or you want information on what to do and possible foods that make you lose weight fast, you need to eat foods that are low in fat or just cut down all your junks. Junks are processed foods that are high in animal fat such as meat pie, egg roll, fried rice, fried meat, and snacks generally. If you reduce all these, then you are on a low key diet plan which helps in losing weight fast without side effect or any complications.

10. Plant oils: Nutritionist advice people who want to get rid of their fat to do away with animal fat but go for plant oil. Examples are coconut oil, vegetable oil, melon oil, groundnut oil etc. All these contains no cholesterol compared to animal fat which does and you get fat.

In conclusion,
In the course of the article, we discussed that foods that are good to lose weight fast without side effect or complications are cereals, plant oils, more fruits, more fiber, water, low junks, more vegetables, green tea, and water. All these foods perform the function of speeding up your digestion and metabolic processes which help you lose weight fast. Thanks for reading.

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Aug 14, 2019

Can Exercises Make a Man or Woman Above 35yrs Lose Weight Fast

Not ago, we receive a mail from one of our followers on twitter that can he lose weight faster when he start can't cardio exercises within 2 weeks? Another lady also sent a question saying she's about getting married and how can she lose weight fast in 2weeks before wedding.

Is it true that a man or woman around age 35 or above can't lose weight

All these questions put together will be answered as you read on with this post and u believe you will find these weight loss ideas effective and information as you read on with this tips.

If you are around the age 35yrs or above, many people find it very difficult to lose weight at this time due to slow body metabolism and digestion, all which are as a result of work, stress, lack of exercises, bad feeding habit and many more. I

A man who is age 35 or above can lose weight quickly through exercises because the role of exercises does so much in increasing metabolism, fast digestion, burning of fat and in circulation of blood round the body through the blood vessels.

If there's any thing that makes people lose weight fast, then it must be body exercises. And these exercises include;

1. Cardiovascular exercises: these are exercises that keeps the heart healthy because these exercises makes the heart breathe faster like running, skipping, stairs climbing, jump roping, cycling and speed walking. Cardio exercises are the best to lose weight fast even if you are 35yrs old.

2. Simple exercises
: these are exercises that can be done for normal body fitness and healthiness of the body and it's organs to be strong, fit and trimmed. It can be done at home, at the gym or any where. These exercises like cycling, running, jogging, walking, jumping and many more. They also burn fat fast and can be done by people of any age even if you are 35 syrs and above.

3. Stretching exercises: these are exercises like body stretches, yoga, bend work,  jumping and other sports. These exercises also help burn fat, circulate blood round the body and increases the body metabolism all which are good for weight loss. The interesting thing is that it can be done by people of any ages especially people at age 35years of age.
lose weight fast at age 35 and above

4. Sporting exercises: for some days now, I've been seeing some matured men in my area playing football and these men are in their late 30s, 40s and early 50s. There are not shy because they are actually doing the right thing because many of these people will lose weight fast from this sport without stress while enjoying the soccer game. All these will help them run around, burn off some sugar and fat, fast blood flow and those who are overweight will shed excess weight fast from these sporting exercises like soccer.
5. Gentle exercises: the same achieved through rigorous or cardio exercises will still be the same when you do gentle exercises at age 35. Exercises like gentle jumping, gentle jogging, slight running before work, slight jogging, cycling round the neighborhood, walking and many more are exercises that actually makes you lose weight fast at 35yrs but requires more time since it's gentle and suitable for people in their 50s and 60s.

All the various exercises listed and discussed above performs the same function of burning fat, shedding excess weight and helping the body lose some weight quickly at age 35yrs and above. So, don't think like you are above age 35 and exercises cant work for you due to your nature of your work, business and schedule.

Better still, talk to your doctor on how you can get a faster result through exercises at your age. But I can't tell you that either through dieting or not, doing exercises at 35yrs is also a good way to shed excess weight.

In conclusion:
From what have been discussed so far in the content above, you can now see that it really makes so much sense to be engaged in any form of exercises if you are to lose weight fast at age 35 and above. These exercises are cardiovascular exercises, simple exercises, stretches, gentle exercises, sporting exercises and many more. All these exercises can be done at home, at the gym center, with exercise machines or just anyhow. Thanks for reading.

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Aug 11, 2019

Home Treatment for Curing Hangover Without Taking Tablets or Seeing a Doctor

Can i cure hangover myself at home without seeing a doctor or using tablets? If you have found us through Google search or Bing, social media platforms etc we will like to tell you that we are glad to let you know that you are on the best healthcare center on the internet where we provide free medical advice to our readers inform of articles and i am sure you will learn a lot from this.

As you continue to read today, we want to take a look at a health situation also know as hangover, the causes and the home treatment of hangover maybe without taking any drugs, tablets, injection or without seeing a doctor. This is also referred to as a treatment of hangover where there's no doctor.

Hangover is a common health condition among people that drink alcoholic drink such as beer, alcohol, spirit, rum, vodka and many more.  One Mr Richard drank so much vodka at the night club and couldn't sleep, he was having headache, vomiting, sleeplessness, migraine dehydration and all sort of symptoms at the middle of the night and the responds giving by our experts is what was published as this post so that we all can learn from this.

how to stop hangover at home without stress

What is Hangover?

We will like to describe hangover as a condition whereby the human body get lot of dehydration due to removal or loss of water through too much drinking of alcohol which later result to discomfort at night or the next day. Hangover signs and symptoms are migraine, sleeplessness, thirst, headache with more urination and the best ways you can treat this situation without taking tablets, pills or seeing a doctor are described below;

1. Just Drink More Water: There was a time i got drunk and the next day, i was feeling feverish and weak due to the hangover, i quickly too some water and with time, it felt better. It means that the water neutralizes all the alcohol effect in the body at that time. If you have hangover or your suffer it, your body get dehydrated and you have headache or migraine but you can reduce or cure this at home by yourself by getting and drinking more water. 

Drinking cold water will neutralize the effect and help you restore the water the body have lost and get the body cells get back to in it normal state without using any prescription drugs or spending money on seeing a doctor.

2. Eating Some Nuts: Groundnut has been seen to be very effective in curing hangover naturally without seeing a doctor and drugs. Sometimes ago, i had hangover shortly after drinking so much alcohol at a party but when i bought a nuts such as walnut and groundnut, i notice the hangover vanishes within the shortest period of time. 

That is why am personally recommending the idea of buy and eating nut if you or anyone you know had this condition. Groundnut is very good for the reduction of hangover.

3. Eat Few Fatty Foods: Have you ever noticed people who eat more fried meat during alcohol don't get drunk easily like those that don't drink anything? Fat suppresses hangover because fat is as high calorie diets, it gives energy and also can help recover the lost fluid in the body which reduces the symptoms of hangover and keep the body in it normal healthy state without seeing a doctor or taking tablets/drugs. 

Few fatty foods we can recommended includes fried meat, milk, snacks, animal fat, plant fat, doughnuts etc bun you must eat moderately so that you don't get fat simply because you won't get rid of your hangover.

4. Bath Well: One of the simple ways you can treat yourself from hangover effect from home without necessarily taking tablets or going to see a doctor let just say a first aid effect is to continue to drink water and take your bath, it works. 

Taking your bath deeply reduce the effect because the water that enters the skin regulate the body temperature and restore the dehydrated fluid in the skin with water, this cure the hangover condition as quickly as possible and you body remains as healthy like nothing happened to you.
5. More Sleep: Well i believed if you drink to stupor, you should do that knowing fully well that you wont go out the next day or probably no work the next day because you need to sleep more. If you don't sleep, the migraine and headache increases and you feel disturbed and may probably be weak but getting more hours of sleep is a natural ways to get cure to this because it cools down the nerve cells.

6. Be Moderate on Alcohol; why should anyone get drunk on alcohol before stopping, people who take it in moderation are healthy people and you should get disciplined on that too. Since the best form of keeping healthy is to avoid it then that is good. Alcohol should be taking by anyone older than 18yrs and not every time. So, the best cure for this is to try as much as possible to avoid alcohol and replace it with fresh cold water or natural fruits if needed.

7. Eat Grains: Another natural treatment for curing hangover at home without drugs or seeing your doctor is to eat whole grains or normal grains. Grains like soya beans, millet, wheat, maize, beans, sorghum, soya beans etc are very high in fiber and can fasten the rate of digestion in the body which cure the effect of the hangover in your body system.

In Conclusion,

As discussed above, these are natural treatments anyone can adopt or use to cure hangover without using any drugs or doctor. You just need to drink water, take some vegetables,  eat more fruits, eat grains, sleep well, eat nuts, eat fats and do not drink excessively, Stay healthy and thanks for reading.
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Aug 6, 2019

Will I Lose Weight Very Fast If i Walk Up and Down the Stairs?

The admin of this site welcome you personally to online health center for fitness and healthcare. We provide medical information on health, weight loss, fitness ideas and what works for the general wellness of the body.

As you read on on this update, we will be providing answers to the questions on weight loss through walking up and down the stairs, how to achieve it and how possible it is to lose weight fast for anyone either you are a man or woman, young or old.
Are you looking for ways to lose weight very fast, I can categorically tell you that you are in the right place for fitness and weight loss ideas. 

Can I lose weight if I walk up and down the stairs? Yea, it is very possible to lose weight when you walk up and down the stairs and this method have been seen as many weight loss experts and doctors as one of the fastest and efficient ways to lose weight without spending money or stress.

Reasons why walking up and down the stairs is good for weight loss.
walking up and down to lose weight

1. It's a cardio exercise: Walking up and down the stairs or staircase is a wonderful and quick ways to lose weight because its a cardio exercise. Cardio exercises are exercises that makes the heart beat faster which is healthy for the heart.

You will definitely see a considerable amount of weight loss when you ignore the lift for the stairs because blood flows fast and evenly from the heart to other part of the body which increases metabolism and help you get rid of excess fat.

This is what you see or experience if you leave you place of work without stairs for another with stairs. You will see that you trouser or skirt will lose due to your stairs climbing.

2. Burn fat fast: Since cardio exercises help to burn unwanted cholesterol and fat fast, it means that the body also get reduced in fat due to walking up and down the stair case. If you have access to stair case either at home or at your place of work, why not use the opportunity to lose weight as quickly as possible and you might not do other exercises.
But it must be done in moderately so that you don't overwork yourself and begin to have body pain or leg pain.

3. Fast digestion: One of the things that makes people overweight is when you eat more than your body can digest, it get stored as glycogen which is a fatty component. But if you have access to walking up and down the stairs case, food will digest faster, you get hungry most time because you are burning fat. Whereas this is major process that fasten you weight loss program.

4. Fast body metabolism: When your body metabolism rate is fast, you will lose weight fast. One of the things that makes people overweight is when you eat more than your body can metabolize, it get stored as glycogen which is a fatty component. But if you have access to walking up and down the stairs case, your body and cell will metabolize faster, and you get hungry most time because you are burning fat.

5. It's very cheap: One of the reasons why I choose to walk up and down the stairs is that it is very cheap. I don't need to buy anything or pay anyone. It doesn't even require too much of my time, just go up and down, walk up and down and you will be burning a whole lot of fat doing that. In fact, you may not do it every day since its a cardiovascular exercise but the few times you do it is enough to reflect on your body.

6. Restrictions: Due to age, people who are older may not do that due to leg pain or stress on their heart although there are simple exercises they can do which will be discussed in our next post but if you are still young and agile, you can still do this cardio exercises of walking up and down the stairs and you will lose weight fast.
7. Low risk: If you do cardiovascular exercises, your heart beat faster and you burn fat fast but when you walk through the stair case, you get fit, you won't fall sick and you won't be at risk of any life threatening illnesses like stroke, high blood pressure,diabetes, heart problem or cardiac arrest because your heart is in it best form with cardio exercise.

In conclusion:
I believe the questions on "will I lose weight fast when I walk up and down the stairs have been answered with a yes answer.
As discussed in the article contents above, we clearly stated that you will lose weight when you walk up and down the stairs due to some of the reasons stated above. Thanks for reading.
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9 Things to Consider Before Buying Dark Sunglasses for Personal Use

What are the things to consider before buying dark sunglasses for personal use? If you have found our site through the search engine based on your queries and search, i can categorically tell you that you are on the right path because we post free health articles that solve various health problem and other issues.

As you read on with this post, we will be discussing dark sunglasses and various things to consider or check before buying for your personal use and i believe you will gain a lot of ideas reading this informative post on sunglasses because you don't just buy sunglasses but for main reason like reducing amount of light that enters the eye.

Dark Sunglasses is healthy for the eye because it reduces the amount of light that enters the eye and prevent possible eye related diseases. I receive a letter that someone said he wants to get a sunglasses for her eyes not for fashion but to enhance vision and good sight but I quickly asked her if it was a doctor that recommend him to get such sunglasses, was it recommended by an optician or if he just want to use it for fashion which really is not advisable.

Things to Know Before Getting Sunglasses
I noticed that some celebrities and artist do wear dark sunglasses at night during award night, show time, party time and i wonder which rays the glasses are reducing at night or may be many of them are drunk and doesn't want to be seen easily. Sunglasses are supposed to be worn in the afternoon or during hot sunlight and also important while driving. 

What are sunglasses? These are lens people wore on their face to reduce the rays of sunlight entering their eyes. There are sunglasses for men and women which are healthy and cool for personal use. Dark Sunglasses also control the amount
light entering the eyes which may result to eye strain later in the future or after a while.

Many people also use dark sunglasses to correct some eye issues like diminished vision due to old age; some acquire sunglasses due to eye disease of the retina, iris, eye balls, cornea etc. It means if you want to start using spectacles or sunglasses, you should consider the following;

1. Must Be Recommended by Optician: One of the things you need to consider before getting dark sunglasses for personal use is to be sure that the glass was recommended by a doctor or an optician. An optician is an expert who specializes is eyes and it environments. 

 This means that you don’t just buy sunglasses, it should be recommended so as to reduce the amount of light entering the eyes, prevent your sight from getting worse and to perform the function correct any eye defect the eyes might have contacted.

2. Check Eye Test: One of the paramount thing you need to know is that you must check your eye before getting some dark sunglasses for personal use. It is important you don't just get sunglasses because of fashion but for its primary function such as reducing illumination and sun rays which may prevent eye cancer. 

Another important thing you need to know or you need to consider before getting dark sunglasses or recommended spectacles for personal use is to be sure you were tested for the particular specs. This lies in the hand of your doctor or optician because these medical experts are the only people that can recommend a good type of sun glass that can correct eye defect instead of making it get worse.

3. Check the main types:One of the things you also need to check before buying any dark sunglasses for personal use is to check the types. I believe you should know the various types of sunglasses that are available, their efficiency and functions when it comes to correction of sights. 

Different types of sunglasses includes the dark sunglasses which are good when the sun is shinning hot, the light colored glasses and the plain or transparent sunglasses which can be used at dark times especially for people with short iris who really can't see much at dark times.
4.  Check for Safety Practices: Another thing you need to consider before getting any sunglasses especially the dark ones for use. I believe that your optician or physician must have warned you on the various ways to keep the sunglasses clean and healthy. 

You don’t just get these lenses; you also need to know some safety measures like Washing the hands before removing or inserting the sunglasses, If the eye lenses get damages or broken, it should be replaced immediately, to always clean the sun glass with the required solution to clean it which are recommended by the person who issue the eye lens for you? 

And you should never borrow other people or lend them your sun glass to use for a while and collect it back, it may be infected before then and when you wear, you might infect your eyes with more serious complications.

5. The Comfort: Is the dark sunglasses comfortable on you? That is one of the question you need to ask yourself before buying any sunglasses. This means you should select the best sunglasses that you will be more comfortable with. It makes fit your eyes, match with your face and look good even if the sun glass you are wearing is recommended for correction of a particular eye disease. If your optician chooses a lens that makes you look ugly, I think you need to tell such person to help you find something nice and healthy for your sight, look and appearance as well.

6. Ask questions on it
: Before you get or buy dark sunglasses, you need to take some time to ask your doctor or physician some questions like “should I wear this occasionally or frequently” because I have seen people who do not have this kind of information concerning their eyes and the lenses they use mostly for fashion and decor never minding the fact that some sunglasses can actually cause eye problem if your eyes aren't supportive to it.

7. Eat Healthily
: I think where most people fail when it comes to sunglasses is that they forget that they also need to eat healthy food and foods that boost visions like vitamin A foods like carrot, locust bean, soybean, milk and other proteins and vitamins. If you like to ear sunglasses to correct or reduce the amount of light that enters your eyes, you should keep your eyes healthy by eating healthy foods that boost vision as well.

8. The Color: The colour of the sunglasses is also a major thing that needs to be considered. I think one of the thing you need to consider before getting or using sunglasses is the choice of colour and when to wear it. You can choose to wear dark color sunglasses when the sun is hot, while you are driving or while working like welders do to prevent particles from entering their eyes.

9. The Matching Outfits: The ability of the dark sunglasses to fit your choice of cloth of fashion is also something that needs to be checked before buying for personal use. Sunglasses looks beautiful especially in ladies who wear sunglasses that matches their outfits, i mean the type of cloths they wear. I noticed dark colored sunglasses match well with bright colored and white cloths. So, before getting sunglasses, you need to consider your wardrobe and choice of dressing as well.

In Conclusion:
As discussed in the article content above, the basic reason for wearing dark sunglasses is to reduce the amount of light that enters the eye to prevent eye diseases or eye problems. But before buying sunglasses for personal use, you need to see that it match your outfit, its your favorite colour, its comfortable, you've asked questions on it, its being recommended and to check if its a safe to wear. But we also need to consider other areas as explained above such fashion. Better still, consult your doctor or optician if you notice the dark sunglasses you wear is affecting you, your eyes or your sight. Thanks for reading.
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Aug 5, 2019

The Best First Aid Treatment to Do in case of Acid Incident on the Skin or Eyes

What is the best first aid to do when acid pour on the skin or on the face?

I welcome you to the best online health center 
where all what we do is to provide medical information on health related matter, and we also provide solutions to health issues relating to diseases, nutrition, weight loss and fitness tips.

As you read on, we will be discussing acid incident on the skin or face and the best first aid to administrater in case of any such situation. Some people get confused when they see an acid incident without knowing what to do while some don't even know any case of acid first aid.

Like few days ago, a jealous boyfriend pour acid on a cheating girlfriend's skin and her face got damaged when people don't know what to do to them as first aid. 

A secondary school student was performing an experiment with acids and base when the acid poured on her skin and people around her don't even know what to do. But this article on acid first aid will help you in a great way in rescuing acid victims.

I also read about a situation on newspaper where someone poured an acid solution on a woman and it was so bad that her skin got burnt and peel but the only a faulted the situation was that what happened, what step did the people around take when the acid incident happened or i say what was the safety measures that was done immediately the acid incident happened.

An Acid is a strong chemical compound that produces hydrogen ion in aqueous solution like water and that makes it very corrosive which means that it burns the skin, peel the skin off and something terrible happens to the skin immediately the acid is being poured on someone's skin or let me say when it comes in contact with the skin.

As you read on, you and i will be learning the basic first aid to do in case any acid incident occurred or during a fight when the other partner poured acid on the other person's skin thereby becoming an acid victim. The things to do in these situation includes

1. Get some Water: 
In a case of acid splash on the skin or face, the first thing is to get some water. This happened to me personally in that there was a time i was working in the lab and i mistakenly poured an acid in my hands thinking it water but immediately i realize my hands are filled up with this liquid knowing fully the consequence i quickly locate a source of water at that time which is the tap water and i immediately place my hands on the tap water for several minutes and the effect was reduced to the minimum. 

If you are in a situation like this or someone poured acid on another person's body, please locate the nearest source of water and keep pouring on the victim's skin or eyes which is one if the best first aid treatment to administer.

2. Poured Enough Water: Just like i said earlier, the very first aid for acid on the eyes or skin is to pour water. if you are in a area or you witness and acid incident or attack, please locate a source of water, get some water and keep pouring on the person's body. 

You only need to do this as many times as possible just to cool off the effect of the reaction of acid with the skin or the victims body. You don't need to keep shouting or wasting time sympathizing but to keep pouring water on the person's body which is the best solution to this.
things to do during acid attack

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3. Be Very Quick:  You don't need to rush but be quick in your first aid. In case of any acid incident on the skin or if its on the face, you need to be very fast that is, everything you need to do must be very fast, the water you need must be located as fast as possible while other first aid measures must also be done within the shortest minutes and must be very fast. If you don't do these, there might be some penetrating effect which might be bad.

4. Get a Pool if available: If there is any acid attack or incident on the skin, the very first aid treatment to do like i said is to locate a source of water which a pool of water is also the best. Just place the person inside the pool which may not necessarily be a big one but preferably a swimming pool or bathtub is okay. It cools and reduce the reaction effect of the acid on the skin.

5. Get a shower if available: If there is a shower around the area, take the acid victim in and open the shower continues on the person's body without touching or rubbing the skin. if you do so, it may peel the person's body, just keep the victim under the shower for several minutes. This is one of the best acid first aid or things you need to know about acid incident on the skin.

6. Remove any Clothing: Another safety measures of first aid to do for under acid attack is that after poring water on the victim's body, the next thing is to carefully remove the cloths either by using scissors to cut or anyhow. This is very good if you can do such so that the water will gain entrance to the affected area with ease.

7. Consult the Doctor: One the best thing or let me say the best first aid when an acid pour om the skin or face is to get a nearest hospital. You need no other thing than to call a doctor. After pouring water on the person body, do not touch such skin but call the doctor instead for immediate responds. Or you immediately find a car or bus and take the person to the hospital as fast as possible.

In Conclusion:

As discussed in the article content above, the best first aid treatment for acid incident in the skin, hair or face is to pour water, get a water source, remive clothings and contact a doctor immediately. All these are things you can do to save a life and to prevent someone skin from getting damage due to acid contact. Some people mistakenly come in contact with an acid while other deliberated pour it on another person's skin. Thanks for reading.
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