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Sep 6, 2019

5 Ways Google Products Can Improve Your Health Either Young or Old

Can any of the Google products improve the health either for young or old? When we talk about the internet, the first thing that comes to the mind is the big G called Google.  We look at the social media, search engines, sites, blogs, forums and many more.  But some Google product such as Google search, Google mail, Google maps, Trends and YouTube all have various benefits and advantages on our health and it applies to everyone young or old, male or female.

I will like people to know that there is no limit to what the internet can do especially some Google product that does wonders. Many weeks ago, I was having constipation in the middle of the night which means there is no how I could get prescription drugs at that moment and I can’t even go to the hospital at that time, I quickly open Google search and I type the home remedy for constipation that works fast. Many answers were do show up and I will tell you that it works.

Some of the Google products include;

1.  YouTube; this is a video platform where all activities regarding videos are uploaded and shared. But how does YouTube boos health?  YouTube boost health in case of in case of emergency simply because you can easily search any health related problem and you get thousand of result on that queries. For example, you want to lose weight fast, if you search that on youtube, you get over a million result that help you out on that or probably you want to get a price o drugs, surgery or health community online. There are millions of videos that help fix a health issue on Google product like YouTube with doctors and other health expert ready to help you fix your problem online. It’s the best place to get medical advice or treatment where there’s no doctor   

2.    Google maps:  Google maps have helped me a lot in locating various health centers and hospitals around me.   Lie there was a time I needed to get information on a nearby hospital for dental issue around me and Google maps clearly gave a direction and location of a dental clinic around my area.   You can also use this product get a location of doctors, health centers, clinic around you and I this has helped in improving healthcare in so many ways.

3.  Google trends: This is another latest product which has a lot of values to mankind especially in the areas of health related issues. Google trends mainly give information on trending topics all around the world and cover various areas including health. Like I got to know about Ebola from Google trends and recent areas affect in some part of Africa which makes it useful and educative to health.  Just yesterday, I saw trends on cancer in many part of united state as trends and I gained a lot from that. It helps me in getting latest discoveries, information, treatment and many more. 

4. Google search:  Google is the biggest search engine in the world and it’s the most reliable out of the rest. Even without going to the hospital or clinic, you get still get your answers to search topic in terms of videos, test, images, and many more. It has help to boost and improve the health sector in many ways where users can actually search and get enough result on their health issues. Imagine that I was able to get some information ways to cure stroke, pre and post recovery method which I still make use of till now. You and I can actually get some diseases prevented by searching for prevention on something on Google search. Like “how to prevent cancer, how to prevent having stds, how to prevent liver problem and many more. 

Ways Google products can Boost Your Health Either Young or Old

We can also get some medical information on cure of diseases, diseases prevented by searching for the cure to some diseases on Google search. Like “how to cure cancer, how to cure obesity, how to cure stds, how to cure liver problem, how to cure tooth ache, how to cure being overweight, hoe to cure rashes and many more. Google search is one of the beautiful thing that has ever happened to mankind and the internet whereas it can also be used to better the health sector and that is why we are providing useful information on how to use it for health.

5. Android: I think many people really don’t know the power and usefulness of their android phones. Android are not just there for fashion or enjoyment but it does a great deal for health as well. The beautiful thing about android is that all what we’ve been discussing can be done perfectly on your phone. You android phone can be a power house to getting load of information on health issues. The Google search, Google trends, YouTube, maps all are integrated on the android. All search result and topics have been modified for mobile as priority since the world is going more on mobile. It means if you have any health issue. Use your android phone to get some apps that can help you solve it, use Google search engine to get more information on prevention and cure of that diseases.

In conclusion;
As discussed above, you can see that it is easy to improve your health by power of information using Google product. Google trends, search, Android, YouTube are not just there for entertainment but for health as well. Doctors are online, nutritionists are online, and surgeons etc all have materials online to help you with your health issues. Thanks for reading.
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Aug 21, 2019

How to Lower Blood Pressure Without Taking Tablets or Spending Lot of Money

How can i reduce my high blood pressure without taking drugs or spending too much? The truth about lowering high blood pressure is that is not so easy to manage and it may be expensive simply because you need to but drugs, you need to check your blood pressure regularly, you need to go see the doctor and you need to buy prescription drugs which seems to be on the high side when it comes to price and many of us may not be able to afford.

High Blood Pressure occurs when the reading of the blood pressure that is the systolic reading and diastolic reading seems to be higher than the normal and this have a huge effect on the rate at which which the heart pumps blood and when left untreated, it may lead to death of an individual. High blood pressure have been seen as one of the major cause of death all over the world but common in many part of Africa, America and some part of Europe.

But lowering a high blood pressure solely depends on what the doctor prescribe on the patient, some medications such as the use of drugs like amylodipine and other expensive drugs just to keep the heart and blood pressure back to its normal position. But as you on with this post, we will be looking at the various ways by which the high blood pressure can be lowered without the use of tablets, drugs like amilodipine and not spending much money on this. This is more like home remedy for treating high blood pressure and making it get lower back to the normal state.

Some of the ways anybody can lower high blood pressure without spending much money or taking expensive tablets includes;

1. Ensure to Lose Weight : One of the simple ways to lower your blood pressure to its normal state is to ensure your find simple working ways to lose weight. Getting rid of your excessive fat in the body is one of the best ways to do this without seeing a doctor or using pills This can be done by doing simple and gentle exercises like walking, running, jogging and reducing your fatty food intake. 

As you engage in any weight loss method through exercise and dieting, you will burn excess fat, you shed excess unwanted calories and al this will help in bringing back to normal the pumping of blood to other part of the body. Do this and you will be happy you did because you wont be spending lot of money or taking any pills for your controlling your blood pressure.

2. Through Exercise : Just as it was clearly stated above that one of the ways we can lower our high blood pressure if you have any is through weight loss method like doing some exercises. All these exercises can be done in the comfort of your home, at the gym, through manual or electronic machines and many more. Good and recommended exercise for this includes running, jogging, speed walking, cycling, jumping, yoga and many more. Exercises allows easy and even circulation of blood from the heart, through the blood vessels and to other part of the body which keeps the heart safe and pressure normal.
lower blood pressure without drugs or amilodipine
  • 3. Eat Good and Healthily: You can also reduce your high blood pressure without a doctor, tablets, pills or buying expensive medications only through what you eat since we are what we eat. The major cause of issues of blood pressure originates from what we eat and to treat it locally by self still depends on what to eat or what we eat. You only need to eat more vegetables, fruits, vitamins, drink more water and avoid sugary drink and many more balance diet. 

Ive had so much discussion about high blood pressure with health experts and many will tell you that you need drugs but nutritionist will tell you that you need good food like more veggies.

4 . Reduce Sodium Consumption; If you look at some of the causes of high blood pressure or what raises the blood pressure in people, you will see that sodium is also a leading cause and it is found in tablet salt we use at home. Our home or local salt contains sodium ion that causes increases the blood pressure in the body when its becomes too much in the body system. To avoid spending lot of money on high blood pressure or using tablets, take precaution by reducing your salt in take and it solve the situation gradually.

5. Reduce Excess Alcohol Intake: If you are the type that take alcohol and you have high blood pressure, the best home treating you can use to treat this or reduce it, is to abstain from the alcohol like beer or rum intake. Alcohol is a drug and if you have a high blood pressure and still take it, then your blood pressure might increase but you can reduce it by through reduction of alcohol, spirit, vodka beer, rum and many more.

6. Just Quit Smoking: If you are the kind of person that smoke cigarette a lot and you have high blood pressure, the best home remedy for you to lower or reduce it, is to leave smoking completely. Smoking of cigarette exposes the body to cancerous growth and other health issues. Smoking can also increase the rate of blood pressure but if you put a stop to smoking, you will be healthy without the use of drugs and spending lot of money to get a lower blood pressure instead of high blood pressure.

7. Avoid Taking Caffeine: One of the ways to reduce or lower your blood pressure to its normal reading or state without taking tablets or without spending lot of money is to cut your intake of caffeine. This can be done by taking less of caffeinated drinks, coffee drinks, energy drinks and many more. 

8.  Avoid Stressful Activities: When the body accumulate too much stress, it may lead to blood pressure becoming high. And one good way to lower high blood pressure without spending so much money and drugs/Tablets is to avoid stressful things. And don't always think because it put more pressure on your body, watch comedy films, shows and be in happy mood always.

In conclusion
As you've seen in the content which was discussed above, you will see that it makes a lot of sense to treat and lower your high blood pressure without spending lot of money and taking any tablets if you avoid taking caffeine, if you quit smoking, if you avoid stress, if you reduce salt and sugar intake, if your exercise your body, if you lose weight and if you do away with alcohol. Thanks for reading.
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Aug 19, 2019

How to Achieve Fast Weight Loss by Eating Pap Often

I do tell people that "we are what we eat" whereas a nutritionist prove this wrong that we are never what we eat since we all have different body metabolism and rate of reaction. Which means this statement occurs to only few People and I agreed with that since everyone is still learning.

I have a group of friends which were used for experiment in southern Africa. All these have varying body size and shapes. These guys were divided into two, the first set we asked to drink pap without any other food for 4 days while the other set take the pap along with other foods.
How to Achieve Fast Weight Loss by Eating Pap Often

After 4th day of the task because the first set and second set were separated from each other, we then noticed the group that weren't taking only pap but with other food have the same weight result while the first group taking pap alone have a considerable weight loss even when the pap was mixed with milk, honey and other proteins just to have a separate taste.

The result led to this recent findings involving pap and we also did a little research on health benefit of pa pap and we are made to know that pap is a very common food in many part of West Africa and also seen as a good for recovery after sickness either for young or matured people.

Pap is made from maize and I can tell you that pap is low in calorie although it’s a starchy food but very light. Even while they are preparing pap from corn many starch are washed along which makes it healthier. It’s just like harvesting a corn, sundry it, allow it to ferment a little, grind it and sieve to become a food.

Another lady who works for me started taking pap and after a while around few days, her weight was just reducing because of the low calorie of the food which is good for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Opinion: If you really want lose weight fast or quickly, you need to do some simple exercises coupled with consumption low fatty foods like pap. Pap helps to lose weight very fast even without complications or side effect because pap is light in nature, it processing from corn has reduced some other starch in it and it gives energy.

So, if you feel you are overweight or you are beginning to see that you are getting obese, you can decide to eat pap more like many times a week or a day along with milk, low sugary items and other proteins. Doing this will reduce your calorie intake and your digestion rate also get faster which means you are on the right food plan on weight loss.

You can still eat this semi solid food more in the morning, in the afternoon or at night which is good instead starving yourself.  If pap is a local food in western Nigeria and that is why most northern tribe usually has a slim body due to the pap which does the work for them since it’s a low calorie food. 

The Chemistry
So, the idea is that when you take pap very often especially to lose weight fast, it works because pap is made from corn, its low in calories. Pap is light and pap is very high in fiber which aids digestion and body metabolism.  Regular intake of this food is very light and it increases the body rate of blood circulation and digestion which is the basis of weight loss.

With Exercises: If you are on a weight loss plan or diet plan especially with veggies, then pap is a perfect match for such plan as long as you are doing those to lose weight quickly. Like the last I recommended pap for a friend who went for holiday in the Western Africa, she came back thanking and appreciating that she too lot of pap and she was just urinating and she felt light throughout her stay.

No complications:
Unlike other weight loss ideas or foods that may result to complications when you eat them to maintain your weight, pap for weight loss isn’t part of those foods because taking pap still gives energy because it belong to the class of food called carbohydrates and their basic function according to elementary sciences is that pap gives energy, helps in body development and doesn’t make you grow fat.

Age or gender
One good thing about taking pap regularly to lose weight fast is that it doesn’t have any age restriction or gender selection. Men and women of all ages, young or old, big or fat can all take pap meal and it works well if you don’t want to be involved in eating too much of heavy food but light stuffs.

With Exercises;  taking pap with exercises gives more faster result because you are burning fat with those exercises and you are taking a food that also seems light and makes you full. 

In conclusion:
Eating pap often can actually make you lose weight based on some of the things we discussed in the article body above like having low calories, being light, containing fiber, can be used by men and women, young or old and it has no side effect on your health even when you are engaged in exercises and you are feeding on pap meal to lose weight. Thanks for reading.

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Aug 14, 2019

Can Exercises Make a Man or Woman Above 35yrs Lose Weight Fast

Not ago, we receive a mail from one of our followers on twitter that can he lose weight faster when he start can't cardio exercises within 2 weeks? Another lady also sent a question saying she's about getting married and how can she lose weight fast in 2weeks before wedding.

Is it true that a man or woman around age 35 or above can't lose weight

All these questions put together will be answered as you read on with this post and u believe you will find these weight loss ideas effective and information as you read on with this tips.

If you are around the age 35yrs or above, many people find it very difficult to lose weight at this time due to slow body metabolism and digestion, all which are as a result of work, stress, lack of exercises, bad feeding habit and many more. I

A man who is age 35 or above can lose weight quickly through exercises because the role of exercises does so much in increasing metabolism, fast digestion, burning of fat and in circulation of blood round the body through the blood vessels.

If there's any thing that makes people lose weight fast, then it must be body exercises. And these exercises include;

1. Cardiovascular exercises: these are exercises that keeps the heart healthy because these exercises makes the heart breathe faster like running, skipping, stairs climbing, jump roping, cycling and speed walking. Cardio exercises are the best to lose weight fast even if you are 35yrs old.

2. Simple exercises
: these are exercises that can be done for normal body fitness and healthiness of the body and it's organs to be strong, fit and trimmed. It can be done at home, at the gym or any where. These exercises like cycling, running, jogging, walking, jumping and many more. They also burn fat fast and can be done by people of any age even if you are 35 syrs and above.

3. Stretching exercises: these are exercises like body stretches, yoga, bend work,  jumping and other sports. These exercises also help burn fat, circulate blood round the body and increases the body metabolism all which are good for weight loss. The interesting thing is that it can be done by people of any ages especially people at age 35years of age.
lose weight fast at age 35 and above

4. Sporting exercises: for some days now, I've been seeing some matured men in my area playing football and these men are in their late 30s, 40s and early 50s. There are not shy because they are actually doing the right thing because many of these people will lose weight fast from this sport without stress while enjoying the soccer game. All these will help them run around, burn off some sugar and fat, fast blood flow and those who are overweight will shed excess weight fast from these sporting exercises like soccer.

5. Gentle exercises: the same achieved through rigorous or cardio exercises will still be the same when you do gentle exercises at age 35. Exercises like gentle jumping, gentle jogging, slight running before work, slight jogging, cycling round the neighborhood, walking and many more are exercises that actually makes you lose weight fast at 35yrs but requires more time since it's gentle and suitable for people in their 50s and 60s.

All the various exercises listed and discussed above performs the same function of burning fat, shedding excess weight and helping the body lose some weight quickly at age 35yrs and above. So, don't think like you are above age 35 and exercises cant work for you due to your nature of your work, business and schedule.

Better still, talk to your doctor on how you can get a faster result through exercises at your age. But I can't tell you that either through dieting or not, doing exercises at 35yrs is also a good way to shed excess weight.

In conclusion:
From what have been discussed so far in the content above, you can now see that it really makes so much sense to be engaged in any form of exercises if you are to lose weight fast at age 35 and above. These exercises are cardiovascular exercises, simple exercises, stretches, gentle exercises, sporting exercises and many more. All these exercises can be done at home, at the gym center, with exercise machines or just anyhow. Thanks for reading.

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Aug 11, 2019

Home Treatment for Curing Hangover Without Taking Tablets or Seeing a Doctor

Can i cure hangover myself at home without seeing a doctor or using tablets? If you have found us through Google search or Bing, social media platforms etc we will like to tell you that we are glad to let you know that you are on the best healthcare center on the internet where we provide free medical advice to our readers inform of articles and i am sure you will learn a lot from this.

As you continue to read today, we want to take a look at a health situation also know as hangover, the causes and the home treatment of hangover maybe without taking any drugs, tablets, injection or without seeing a doctor. This is also referred to as a treatment of hangover where there's no doctor.

Hangover is a common health condition among people that drink alcoholic drink such as beer, alcohol, spirit, rum, vodka and many more.  One Mr Richard drank so much vodka at the night club and couldn't sleep, he was having headache, vomiting, sleeplessness, migraine dehydration and all sort of symptoms at the middle of the night and the responds giving by our experts is what was published as this post so that we all can learn from this.

how to stop hangover at home without stress

What is Hangover?

We will like to describe hangover as a condition whereby the human body get lot of dehydration due to removal or loss of water through too much drinking of alcohol which later result to discomfort at night or the next day. Hangover signs and symptoms are migraine, sleeplessness, thirst, headache with more urination and the best ways you can treat this situation without taking tablets, pills or seeing a doctor are described below;

1. Just Drink More Water: There was a time i got drunk and the next day, i was feeling feverish and weak due to the hangover, i quickly too some water and with time, it felt better. It means that the water neutralizes all the alcohol effect in the body at that time. If you have hangover or your suffer it, your body get dehydrated and you have headache or migraine but you can reduce or cure this at home by yourself by getting and drinking more water. 

Drinking cold water will neutralize the effect and help you restore the water the body have lost and get the body cells get back to in it normal state without using any prescription drugs or spending money on seeing a doctor.

2. Eating Some Nuts: Groundnut has been seen to be very effective in curing hangover naturally without seeing a doctor and drugs. Sometimes ago, i had hangover shortly after drinking so much alcohol at a party but when i bought a nuts such as walnut and groundnut, i notice the hangover vanishes within the shortest period of time. 

That is why am personally recommending the idea of buy and eating nut if you or anyone you know had this condition. Groundnut is very good for the reduction of hangover.

3. Eat Few Fatty Foods: Have you ever noticed people who eat more fried meat during alcohol don't get drunk easily like those that don't drink anything? Fat suppresses hangover because fat is as high calorie diets, it gives energy and also can help recover the lost fluid in the body which reduces the symptoms of hangover and keep the body in it normal healthy state without seeing a doctor or taking tablets/drugs. 

Few fatty foods we can recommended includes fried meat, milk, snacks, animal fat, plant fat, doughnuts etc bun you must eat moderately so that you don't get fat simply because you won't get rid of your hangover.

4. Bath Well: One of the simple ways you can treat yourself from hangover effect from home without necessarily taking tablets or going to see a doctor let just say a first aid effect is to continue to drink water and take your bath, it works. 

Taking your bath deeply reduce the effect because the water that enters the skin regulate the body temperature and restore the dehydrated fluid in the skin with water, this cure the hangover condition as quickly as possible and you body remains as healthy like nothing happened to you.

5. More Sleep: Well i believed if you drink to stupor, you should do that knowing fully well that you wont go out the next day or probably no work the next day because you need to sleep more. If you don't sleep, the migraine and headache increases and you feel disturbed and may probably be weak but getting more hours of sleep is a natural ways to get cure to this because it cools down the nerve cells.

6. Be Moderate on Alcohol; why should anyone get drunk on alcohol before stopping, people who take it in moderation are healthy people and you should get disciplined on that too. Since the best form of keeping healthy is to avoid it then that is good. Alcohol should be taking by anyone older than 18yrs and not every time. So, the best cure for this is to try as much as possible to avoid alcohol and replace it with fresh cold water or natural fruits if needed.

7. Eat Grains: Another natural treatment for curing hangover at home without drugs or seeing your doctor is to eat whole grains or normal grains. Grains like soya beans, millet, wheat, maize, beans, sorghum, soya beans etc are very high in fiber and can fasten the rate of digestion in the body which cure the effect of the hangover in your body system.

In Conclusion,

As discussed above, these are natural treatments anyone can adopt or use to cure hangover without using any drugs or doctor. You just need to drink water, take some vegetables,  eat more fruits, eat grains, sleep well, eat nuts, eat fats and do not drink excessively, Stay healthy and thanks for reading.
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Jul 31, 2019

Home Remedy to Chest Pain Caused by Lifting Heavy Objects

If you've found us through your Google search on health related topic, I think you've come to the right health site simply because what we do basically on this site is to provide solutions to your health problems inform of free health related articles to solve your problem and we also implore you to see your doctor with immediate effect.

But as you read on today, we will be discussing the home remedy or home treatment for chest pain caused by lifting of heavy objects either in men, women, young or old. What is Paramount is just for you to be relieve of chest pain within tyr shortest period or over a long period of time.

When it comes to disease cure or solutions to health problems like chest pain which we are talking about now, everything is not about tablets but simple understanding of how things works can actually be applied and the pain reduces. In health, the best form of treatment of chest pain is to prevent it at the initial stage and this is the basis of home remedy as a means of treatment without going to see a doctor.

What are the home remedy to do for chest pain caused by lifting of heavy objects either as a man or woman? We are writing this post due to the experience I have on the treatments of chest pain which most people.complain of everytime and the best medical information was able to treat it through the help of a doctor.

What Causes Chest pain? Chest pain m
ay be caused by lifting of heavy objects like machine, woods, ceramics, water and many more.overtime. It can also be from hardwork from stressful work relating to lifting of heavy object. But the situation I was talking about earlier is that my sister gave birth to a big baby and the more she back the baby and combining it with other house chores, she started having pains in her chest wven as a nursing mother. She went to the hospital, complained to the doctor and the doctor gave some health ideas which helped the lady cure such chest pains.

Another similar case was the kind of work a guy did many years ago in the factory and now, he's suffering from severe chest pain, if you are in this category, the home treatment is valid for you to be relieved of your chest pain.

Solutions to Chest Pain due to Lifting Heavy Objects

And for my sister who complained of regular chest pain, beause I was there when she went to see the doctor, all the treatments, cure and prevention of chest pain caused by carrying heavy things are discussed in this article as you read on with this post.

The cure or home remedy to chest pain caused by heavy objects includes?

1. Ensure You See a doctor? Even if you cant see a doctor immediately, put a call across to your doctor telling him or her about your pain. One of the ways to know if the chest pain is caused by lifting heavy things or a heavy object is to see the doctor. Only the doctor can run a check to know if the chest pain is due to carrying heavy load and possible treatment will be administered immediately. 

Contacting a doctor also helps to prevent self medications which are bad to the health. So, if you are experiencing a chest pain, try to see the doctor immediately or request for a medical expert with immediate effect which can be done from home inform of home service.

2. Shun Lifting of heavy object; one of the instruction most doctors give concerning carrying heavy items is that anybody with or experiencing chest pain should stop lifting heavy objects with immediate effect. Like the lady with chest pain, the doctor instructs the lady to stop backing her plump baby for a while and it really work well for her. So, for people whose jobs requires lifting of heavy goods, objects or machines, I will suggest you use a carrier or help so as to prevent yourself from chest pain.

3. Recommended Pain killers; if you are experiencing a chest pain cause by carrying heavy goods or objects, contact your doctor because only the doctor can prescribe pain killers for you to use. One of the best solutions to chest pain is to use pain killer drugs prescribed by the physician. There are many pain killer drugs that are very effective and cheap to buy. Just go to the drugs store and purchase one but after 2 days without getting better, just stop the drugs immediately and report back to the doctor.

4. Avoid Excessive cold drinks; Avoiding too much of cold drinks if you have chest pain is also a home remedy. One of the things you can do to find cure to chest pain caused by lifting of heavy objects is to avoid cold drinks at that period. Cold drinks don’t go well with chest pain because it may even cause more serious chest pain and other symptoms. 

5. Drink Hot or warm water more: another home treatment you can to do find cure to chest pain which may be caused by lifting or carrying heavy objects is to drink warmer or hot water rather than cold water as explained earlier in (5). Drinking hot drinks during chest pain is very good because it reduces the pains on the chest area and the chest pain may vanish with time.

6. Study your habit/event: one of the ways to find solution to your chest pain is to study your habit or what you are doing or carrying at that particular time. Within 2 to 3 days, you can figure out the real cause of the chest pain so as to discontinue what you are carrying at that time. For instance, when I was in the rural areas for community services, I noticed that I do have chest pain due to the heavy of plastics filled with water that I use to carry at that time. 

What I do at that time is to figure out my activities at that time which I notice is the heavy water I was carrying at that time. I stop carrying this plastic where I paid someone to do that for me and after few days the chest pain disappeared. This is a very good solution to the chest pain you might be having now.

In Conclusion, the possible home remedy to chest pain due to carrying heavy objects as discussed above should be acted upon so as to stop the chest pain. But if you don’t have chest pain and you just want to prevent it, you can just study the ideas put together here and use it to prevent the chest pain. Better still, study your activities at that time, learn to drink hot water in the morning, avoid cold drinks, use pain killers and you should contact your doctor as fast as possible if you are noticing some pains on your chest area. Thanks for reading.
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Jul 30, 2019

5 Effect of Too Much Salt in the Human Body and Its Organs

If you have stumble-upon this site through google or bing search result for your queries on salt and its effect, i believe you are on the right site because all we talk or discussed about is health related issues and solution inform of health related articles all which are free for everyone to read and make comment on it.

As you read on with this post, we will be looking at the effect of consumption of too much salt  to the human body and other organs that may lead to serious life threatening diseases which will convince you to eat less of salt especially if you are old or matured unless the doctor ask you not to do so for medical reasons.
Effect of eating too much of salt
What Are the Effect of Too Much Salt in the Human Body and its organs? I recently stumble-upon a post about the health benefit of salt in the human body and also the dangers of too much of salt in the body but i notice that the disadvantages of salt is more than the benefit so, i feel we need to share the ideas among ourselves on this site.

There are many hazards that comes with eating too much of salt in the body and that is the more reason why you need to reduce excess salt in your food. Salt contains sodium ions and i believe when sodium ion is much in the body of adult then such person is at risk of serious ailments that may lead to greater health issues in the body.

Common Reasons Why You Need to reduce Salts in Foods
: Some of the reasons to reduce or avoid too much of salts in diet includes;

1. Causes Excessive Sweating: One of the effect eating or putting too much salt in food to the body and its other organs is that it causes sweating.Salts in contained in sweat inform of sodium ion and chlorine ion and when you reduce the salt intake, you are also reducing the rate at which you sweat too. But when you eat more salt, more salt are needed to be discharged out of the body as sweat which is unhealthy to the body and more importantly to other organs like the heart.

2. Causes Heart Diseases: One of the effect of eating too much salt to the body or other organs in the body is that it contains sodium ion and when you you eat this in excess, it disturbs the heart function and may lead to severe heart diseases like hypertension, cardiac arrest, high blood pressure and many more.All these are due to the increasing pressure of the heart rate caused by the salt contains in the heart or accumulated in the heart.

3. Causes Stroke: One of my patient had stroke sometimes ago but before the attack he will always complain of lack of salt in his food which is part of his nature as a salt lover as he always want to add more salt to his food but when the effect of this salt came, he had stroke and couldn't move his left arm and leg but he survived it and now that my uncle no longer eat more salt but only a little. This is why i said too much salt is bad for human body and its organs like the heart and may cause stroke.

4. Causes Blood Pressure Increase: Just as i explain earlier that a patient of mine who love  to eat too much of salt and always want to add more salt to his diet, he had stroke and not only that, his blood pressure increases and was diagnose for high blood pressure which is an the genesis of other heart diseases. This is why you need to avoid eating too much salt just to avoid contacting the diseases.

5. Kidney Problem: You also need to know that the main function of kidney is that it helps in removing excess materials in the body such as mineral salt but when taking in excess, it becomes unbearable for the kidney to excrete and it may result in something more harmful like the kidney failure. That is why i said eating too much of salt affect not only the body but its organs like the kidney, liver and the heart.

In Conclusion:

Just as we've discussed in the article body above, we discussed that the ideas above are effect of excess salt and why you need to reduce it. These include kidney problem,liver problem, causes increase in blood pressure, heart problem, excess sweating and it causes stroke.I notice many people till eat more salt, they still add more salt to their food but they don't know what they are playing with because excess salt in the body i harmful but a little is okay especially for older people. Thanks for reading.
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Jul 29, 2019

Advantages of Coconut Fruit to the Body of Both Young and Old People

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Today, we will be looking at coconut  fruits and the various advantages of this coconut fruit to the body. As you read on with this post, our health tips on coconut will cover coconut water, coconut fruits, coconut milk, and fiber.

Our result also covers the effect of coconut on the face, skin, hair and the general body in general. If you are the type that drink coconut water, that cook rice with coconut, that eat coconut often in it raw form will grow older with good skin and healthy hair since coconut contains oil too. 

coconut health benefit to the body
According to my findings, we see that coconut is one of the best fruit in the world, the best oil in the world and the best water in the world and it has so much health benefit. As you continue to read on with this post, you will learn the various health benefit of Coconut fruit and why you need to eat this fruit many times in a week.

Some of the Health Benefit you get for Eating Coconut fruit either you are young or old and  daily includes,

1. It Boost Body Immunity: No matter who you are either you are young or old, coconut is good for your body. Researches shows that eating coconut helps to boost the immune system which prevent various diseases from attacking the body cells. It means coconut contains enzymes which act as anti bacteria or anti-fungal to the body.

2. It Cure Illness: One of the major advantages of coconut fruits consumption to the body is that it cure various types of illness like diabetes and growth problems. It can be very effective against any kind of diseases or illness such as high blood pressure, infections, diabetes, and many more.

3. It Contain Vitamins; Coconut fruits is rich in vitamins and minerals which makes it perfect for body developments. Coconut fruits contains a whole wide range of Vitamins and minerals that are very useful to the body. It contains Vitamin -A for bright eyes, Vitamin C which help prevent scurvy and Vitamin D for body metabolism. It also contains lot of other trace elements like Ca and K which helps in blood cells developments

4. It Lowers Body Cholesterol:  Another advantages of Coconut fruits for both old or young people is that it help to lower the body cholesterol level. I used to believe that Coconut contains oil and fat but i soon realize that it contains only plant oil or fat and not the common animal fat that will even cause more problems to the body. When a fruits helps to control the body cholesterol level, it keeps you healthy and fit.

5. Improves Digestion: Coconut fruits also improves digestion because it is very high in fiber. When you eat more and more coconut fruits daily, it keeps the body digestion rate very fast which is the best way to lose weight and stay healthy. Fibers do not contain sugar but they increase the body rate of metabolism and digestion. 

6. It Gives Strength: I have seen some old and matured people take coconut water for strength and it works for them. I heard people say that the more young or old people eat coconut fruits daily, the stronger they become and to prove this, i consulted a nutritionist about the components of coconut but she told me that Coconut fruit contains calcium and you know that any fruit that contains calcium is for strong bones and healthy teeth and base on this i am recommending raw or processed coconut for the people to eat, use as oil and stay healthy.

7. Ensures Skin Smoothness: One of the advantages of Coconut oil to the body is that it helps keep the skin oily and smooth. And you know that when the skin is smooth especially those with dry skin, their body looks smoother and prevents aging process. People who uses Coconut oil gave so much testimonies it has helped them to keep a smooth skin free of skin rashes, eczema, small pox, ring worm and other skin diseases.

These are things, reasons and health benefit you get when you eat Coconut fruit especially everyday. Coconut oil also helps the hair grow faster, keeps the dry skin oily naturally and it prevent diseases. It is myth when you say coconut causes cough and i think i have eaten enough this week still am not coughing and the oil in it is not making me fat. So be wise, stay healthy and eat fruits. Thanks for reading.
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