Jul 30, 2019

5 Effect of Too Much Salt in the Human Body and Its Organs

If you have stumble-upon this site through google or bing search result for your queries on salt and its effect, i believe you are on the right site because all we talk or discussed about is health related issues and solution inform of health related articles all which are free for everyone to read and make comment on it.

As you read on with this post, we will be looking at the effect of consumption of too much salt  to the human body and other organs that may lead to serious life threatening diseases which will convince you to eat less of salt especially if you are old or matured unless the doctor ask you not to do so for medical reasons.
Effect of eating too much of salt
What Are the Effect of Too Much Salt in the Human Body and its organs? I recently stumble-upon a post about the health benefit of salt in the human body and also the dangers of too much of salt in the body but i notice that the disadvantages of salt is more than the benefit so, i feel we need to share the ideas among ourselves on this site.

There are many hazards that comes with eating too much of salt in the body and that is the more reason why you need to reduce excess salt in your food. Salt contains sodium ions and i believe when sodium ion is much in the body of adult then such person is at risk of serious ailments that may lead to greater health issues in the body.

Common Reasons Why You Need to reduce Salts in Foods
: Some of the reasons to reduce or avoid too much of salts in diet includes;

1. Causes Excessive Sweating: One of the effect eating or putting too much salt in food to the body and its other organs is that it causes sweating.Salts in contained in sweat inform of sodium ion and chlorine ion and when you reduce the salt intake, you are also reducing the rate at which you sweat too. But when you eat more salt, more salt are needed to be discharged out of the body as sweat which is unhealthy to the body and more importantly to other organs like the heart.

2. Causes Heart Diseases: One of the effect of eating too much salt to the body or other organs in the body is that it contains sodium ion and when you you eat this in excess, it disturbs the heart function and may lead to severe heart diseases like hypertension, cardiac arrest, high blood pressure and many more.All these are due to the increasing pressure of the heart rate caused by the salt contains in the heart or accumulated in the heart.

3. Causes Stroke: One of my patient had stroke sometimes ago but before the attack he will always complain of lack of salt in his food which is part of his nature as a salt lover as he always want to add more salt to his food but when the effect of this salt came, he had stroke and couldn't move his left arm and leg but he survived it and now that my uncle no longer eat more salt but only a little. This is why i said too much salt is bad for human body and its organs like the heart and may cause stroke.

4. Causes Blood Pressure Increase: Just as i explain earlier that a patient of mine who love  to eat too much of salt and always want to add more salt to his diet, he had stroke and not only that, his blood pressure increases and was diagnose for high blood pressure which is an the genesis of other heart diseases. This is why you need to avoid eating too much salt just to avoid contacting the diseases.

5. Kidney Problem: You also need to know that the main function of kidney is that it helps in removing excess materials in the body such as mineral salt but when taking in excess, it becomes unbearable for the kidney to excrete and it may result in something more harmful like the kidney failure. That is why i said eating too much of salt affect not only the body but its organs like the kidney, liver and the heart.

In Conclusion:

Just as we've discussed in the article body above, we discussed that the ideas above are effect of excess salt and why you need to reduce it. These include kidney problem,liver problem, causes increase in blood pressure, heart problem, excess sweating and it causes stroke.I notice many people till eat more salt, they still add more salt to their food but they don't know what they are playing with because excess salt in the body i harmful but a little is okay especially for older people. Thanks for reading.

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