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Aug 14, 2019

Can Exercises Make a Man or Woman Above 35yrs Lose Weight Fast

Not ago, we receive a mail from one of our followers on twitter that can he lose weight faster when he start can't cardio exercises within 2 weeks? Another lady also sent a question saying she's about getting married and how can she lose weight fast in 2weeks before wedding.

Is it true that a man or woman around age 35 or above can't lose weight

All these questions put together will be answered as you read on with this post and u believe you will find these weight loss ideas effective and information as you read on with this tips.

If you are around the age 35yrs or above, many people find it very difficult to lose weight at this time due to slow body metabolism and digestion, all which are as a result of work, stress, lack of exercises, bad feeding habit and many more. I

A man who is age 35 or above can lose weight quickly through exercises because the role of exercises does so much in increasing metabolism, fast digestion, burning of fat and in circulation of blood round the body through the blood vessels.

If there's any thing that makes people lose weight fast, then it must be body exercises. And these exercises include;

1. Cardiovascular exercises: these are exercises that keeps the heart healthy because these exercises makes the heart breathe faster like running, skipping, stairs climbing, jump roping, cycling and speed walking. Cardio exercises are the best to lose weight fast even if you are 35yrs old.

2. Simple exercises
: these are exercises that can be done for normal body fitness and healthiness of the body and it's organs to be strong, fit and trimmed. It can be done at home, at the gym or any where. These exercises like cycling, running, jogging, walking, jumping and many more. They also burn fat fast and can be done by people of any age even if you are 35 syrs and above.

3. Stretching exercises: these are exercises like body stretches, yoga, bend work,  jumping and other sports. These exercises also help burn fat, circulate blood round the body and increases the body metabolism all which are good for weight loss. The interesting thing is that it can be done by people of any ages especially people at age 35years of age.
lose weight fast at age 35 and above

4. Sporting exercises: for some days now, I've been seeing some matured men in my area playing football and these men are in their late 30s, 40s and early 50s. There are not shy because they are actually doing the right thing because many of these people will lose weight fast from this sport without stress while enjoying the soccer game. All these will help them run around, burn off some sugar and fat, fast blood flow and those who are overweight will shed excess weight fast from these sporting exercises like soccer.

5. Gentle exercises: the same achieved through rigorous or cardio exercises will still be the same when you do gentle exercises at age 35. Exercises like gentle jumping, gentle jogging, slight running before work, slight jogging, cycling round the neighborhood, walking and many more are exercises that actually makes you lose weight fast at 35yrs but requires more time since it's gentle and suitable for people in their 50s and 60s.

All the various exercises listed and discussed above performs the same function of burning fat, shedding excess weight and helping the body lose some weight quickly at age 35yrs and above. So, don't think like you are above age 35 and exercises cant work for you due to your nature of your work, business and schedule.

Better still, talk to your doctor on how you can get a faster result through exercises at your age. But I can't tell you that either through dieting or not, doing exercises at 35yrs is also a good way to shed excess weight.

In conclusion:
From what have been discussed so far in the content above, you can now see that it really makes so much sense to be engaged in any form of exercises if you are to lose weight fast at age 35 and above. These exercises are cardiovascular exercises, simple exercises, stretches, gentle exercises, sporting exercises and many more. All these exercises can be done at home, at the gym center, with exercise machines or just anyhow. Thanks for reading.