Aug 11, 2019

Home Treatment for Curing Hangover Without Taking Tablets or Seeing a Doctor

Can i cure hangover myself at home without seeing a doctor or using tablets? If you have found us through Google search or Bing, social media platforms etc we will like to tell you that we are glad to let you know that you are on the best healthcare center on the internet where we provide free medical advice to our readers inform of articles and i am sure you will learn a lot from this.

As you continue to read today, we want to take a look at a health situation also know as hangover, the causes and the home treatment of hangover maybe without taking any drugs, tablets, injection or without seeing a doctor. This is also referred to as a treatment of hangover where there's no doctor.

Hangover is a common health condition among people that drink alcoholic drink such as beer, alcohol, spirit, rum, vodka and many more.  One Mr Richard drank so much vodka at the night club and couldn't sleep, he was having headache, vomiting, sleeplessness, migraine dehydration and all sort of symptoms at the middle of the night and the responds giving by our experts is what was published as this post so that we all can learn from this.

how to stop hangover at home without stress

What is Hangover?

We will like to describe hangover as a condition whereby the human body get lot of dehydration due to removal or loss of water through too much drinking of alcohol which later result to discomfort at night or the next day. Hangover signs and symptoms are migraine, sleeplessness, thirst, headache with more urination and the best ways you can treat this situation without taking tablets, pills or seeing a doctor are described below;

1. Just Drink More Water: There was a time i got drunk and the next day, i was feeling feverish and weak due to the hangover, i quickly too some water and with time, it felt better. It means that the water neutralizes all the alcohol effect in the body at that time. If you have hangover or your suffer it, your body get dehydrated and you have headache or migraine but you can reduce or cure this at home by yourself by getting and drinking more water. 

Drinking cold water will neutralize the effect and help you restore the water the body have lost and get the body cells get back to in it normal state without using any prescription drugs or spending money on seeing a doctor.

2. Eating Some Nuts: Groundnut has been seen to be very effective in curing hangover naturally without seeing a doctor and drugs. Sometimes ago, i had hangover shortly after drinking so much alcohol at a party but when i bought a nuts such as walnut and groundnut, i notice the hangover vanishes within the shortest period of time. 

That is why am personally recommending the idea of buy and eating nut if you or anyone you know had this condition. Groundnut is very good for the reduction of hangover.

3. Eat Few Fatty Foods: Have you ever noticed people who eat more fried meat during alcohol don't get drunk easily like those that don't drink anything? Fat suppresses hangover because fat is as high calorie diets, it gives energy and also can help recover the lost fluid in the body which reduces the symptoms of hangover and keep the body in it normal healthy state without seeing a doctor or taking tablets/drugs. 

Few fatty foods we can recommended includes fried meat, milk, snacks, animal fat, plant fat, doughnuts etc bun you must eat moderately so that you don't get fat simply because you won't get rid of your hangover.

4. Bath Well: One of the simple ways you can treat yourself from hangover effect from home without necessarily taking tablets or going to see a doctor let just say a first aid effect is to continue to drink water and take your bath, it works. 

Taking your bath deeply reduce the effect because the water that enters the skin regulate the body temperature and restore the dehydrated fluid in the skin with water, this cure the hangover condition as quickly as possible and you body remains as healthy like nothing happened to you.
5. More Sleep: Well i believed if you drink to stupor, you should do that knowing fully well that you wont go out the next day or probably no work the next day because you need to sleep more. If you don't sleep, the migraine and headache increases and you feel disturbed and may probably be weak but getting more hours of sleep is a natural ways to get cure to this because it cools down the nerve cells.

6. Be Moderate on Alcohol; why should anyone get drunk on alcohol before stopping, people who take it in moderation are healthy people and you should get disciplined on that too. Since the best form of keeping healthy is to avoid it then that is good. Alcohol should be taking by anyone older than 18yrs and not every time. So, the best cure for this is to try as much as possible to avoid alcohol and replace it with fresh cold water or natural fruits if needed.

7. Eat Grains: Another natural treatment for curing hangover at home without drugs or seeing your doctor is to eat whole grains or normal grains. Grains like soya beans, millet, wheat, maize, beans, sorghum, soya beans etc are very high in fiber and can fasten the rate of digestion in the body which cure the effect of the hangover in your body system.

In Conclusion,

As discussed above, these are natural treatments anyone can adopt or use to cure hangover without using any drugs or doctor. You just need to drink water, take some vegetables,  eat more fruits, eat grains, sleep well, eat nuts, eat fats and do not drink excessively, Stay healthy and thanks for reading.

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