Aug 5, 2019

How to Lose Weight for Women Over Age 40 Without Stress

If you have stumbled upon this site through search engines or social media, I can categorically tell you that you are in the right place just as the right time because this is an online health center for free medical information.

As you read on, we will be discussing an important topics on ways to lose weight for women who are over age 40 and above. Women who are still below or above age 40years can also be a part of this weight loss ideas.

We all know that women at the age of 40 or over are usually at their best because they are fully matured and grown with kids and family. Many of these women also concentrates more on keeping up with the family daily need, taking care of the home while many of them don't even work due to child bearing and they continue to gain weight.

Just as we have said in the previous post, i was able to make able to write useful weight loss ideas for women over 50 or 60s, weight loss ideas for women in their 20s and now am writing weight loss ideas for women over 40. So if you are a woman and you are at age 40 and above, you need to sit comfortable to learn how to lose weight and be healthy.

The weight loss ideas for women over 40 is no difference for the previous ones we've but few ideas and adjustment in ideas are included in this post. The various ways to lose weight for women over age 40 includes;

1. Simple Exercise: One of the effective and best way to reduce weight age 40 or over without going through stress is to do some exercise. Many women at this age are usually very busy with house chores, some may be breast feeding while other are working but in one way of the other, they are gaining weight especially women that are staying at home with kids of full house wives. 

So, if you have found yourself in a situation like this and you are gaining weight then you need to start doing exercise like running, speed walking if you have the time, cycling using a bicycle, skipping, stairs climbing, yoga and many more. Even if you are not losing weight, then you will become very fit and healthy.

2. Take More Fiber: Another reconmended way to lose weight for women of any age withou stress is to always try as much as possible to eat fiber foods or fruits. Most of these fiber fruits contains fiber and water and do not contain sugar and fat that makes people gain weight. Fiber foods also aids digestion before or after meals which i believe removes excess calories in the body and makes you healthy without gaining weight.
Weight Loss tis for Women at 40

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3. Playing with Kids: Women around the age of 40 or over are married and happy people with kids but do you know playing with kids can also be a type of exercise which doesn't involve stress because as you are playing with these kids, you are exercising your body and calories are been burnt that prevents fat and weight gain in the body.  Playing football or skipping with kids can work for weight loss because blood circulation occurs during this play.

4. Reduce Excess Sugar: At 40yrs or above, the body rate of metabolism and digestion is slow and taking excess sugar can even lower it more and you get fatter. Another weight loss ideas for women over 40 or at the age of 40 without stress is that they should try as much as possible to reduce the intake of soft drinks, sugary drinks and generally sweets. 

These are meant for children because of their body structure which is till very young to burn off all those chocolates but in women it will accumulate as fat and you you gain weight which may pose serious health risk to you.

5. Eat Less Foods: At this age, women over 40 or at the age of 40 should try to eat less of foods like junks, snacks, fatty foods, sweets and many more but to eat more of fruits, vegetables, fibers and many more which are more healthy than consuming on sugar or carbohydrate rich foods. I noticed that reducing your food intake work too.

6. Avoid Fatty Foods: Another way to maintain weight and reduce some weight as in woman in her 40s or woman over 40 without stress is to try as much as possible to reduce intake of fatty foods. Fatty foods are food made with animal fat or food cooked with it. Fatty foods could cause high cholesterol when in excess and that may be the genesis of various diseases that may affect the body.

7. Avoid Junks: At the age of 40, women should reduce intake of junks food, snacks, fried food, fat and many others. It is bad for the body and should be avoided or reduced. Junks contains high percentage of cholesterol in it and i believe its bad for the health.

8. Be Happy: Being happy is good, happiness improves the health, it removes any form of worry, thinking and other habit that are bad to the health of women. You only need to be in the mist of happy people, make people happy, watch comedies, hang out with friends and walk round.

9. Eat Fruits: Eating fruits helps to improve body metabolism, increases digestion, increases body metabolism and all these put together will shed excess calories in the body and burn some fat.

These are things you can do as a woman at age 40 or over 40 to lose weight, stay healthy and  to be fit without going through stress, although It might not be so easy to reduce weight immediately but with time, you see yourself slimming down and get more beautiful. Thanks for reading.

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  1. one of the hardest thing to do in life is to lose weight, and its even harder for women who are over 40years.