Aug 5, 2019

The Best First Aid Treatment to Do in case of Acid Incident on the Skin or Eyes

What is the best first aid to do when acid pour on the skin or on the face?

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As you read on, we will be discussing acid incident on the skin or face and the best first aid to administrater in case of any such situation. Some people get confused when they see an acid incident without knowing what to do while some don't even know any case of acid first aid.

Like few days ago, a jealous boyfriend pour acid on a cheating girlfriend's skin and her face got damaged when people don't know what to do to them as first aid. 

A secondary school student was performing an experiment with acids and base when the acid poured on her skin and people around her don't even know what to do. But this article on acid first aid will help you in a great way in rescuing acid victims.

I also read about a situation on newspaper where someone poured an acid solution on a woman and it was so bad that her skin got burnt and peel but the only a faulted the situation was that what happened, what step did the people around take when the acid incident happened or i say what was the safety measures that was done immediately the acid incident happened.

An Acid is a strong chemical compound that produces hydrogen ion in aqueous solution like water and that makes it very corrosive which means that it burns the skin, peel the skin off and something terrible happens to the skin immediately the acid is being poured on someone's skin or let me say when it comes in contact with the skin.

As you read on, you and i will be learning the basic first aid to do in case any acid incident occurred or during a fight when the other partner poured acid on the other person's skin thereby becoming an acid victim. The things to do in these situation includes

1. Get some Water: 
In a case of acid splash on the skin or face, the first thing is to get some water. This happened to me personally in that there was a time i was working in the lab and i mistakenly poured an acid in my hands thinking it water but immediately i realize my hands are filled up with this liquid knowing fully the consequence i quickly locate a source of water at that time which is the tap water and i immediately place my hands on the tap water for several minutes and the effect was reduced to the minimum. 

If you are in a situation like this or someone poured acid on another person's body, please locate the nearest source of water and keep pouring on the victim's skin or eyes which is one if the best first aid treatment to administer.

2. Poured Enough Water: Just like i said earlier, the very first aid for acid on the eyes or skin is to pour water. if you are in a area or you witness and acid incident or attack, please locate a source of water, get some water and keep pouring on the person's body. 

You only need to do this as many times as possible just to cool off the effect of the reaction of acid with the skin or the victims body. You don't need to keep shouting or wasting time sympathizing but to keep pouring water on the person's body which is the best solution to this.
things to do during acid attack

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3. Be Very Quick:  You don't need to rush but be quick in your first aid. In case of any acid incident on the skin or if its on the face, you need to be very fast that is, everything you need to do must be very fast, the water you need must be located as fast as possible while other first aid measures must also be done within the shortest minutes and must be very fast. If you don't do these, there might be some penetrating effect which might be bad.

4. Get a Pool if available: If there is any acid attack or incident on the skin, the very first aid treatment to do like i said is to locate a source of water which a pool of water is also the best. Just place the person inside the pool which may not necessarily be a big one but preferably a swimming pool or bathtub is okay. It cools and reduce the reaction effect of the acid on the skin.

5. Get a shower if available: If there is a shower around the area, take the acid victim in and open the shower continues on the person's body without touching or rubbing the skin. if you do so, it may peel the person's body, just keep the victim under the shower for several minutes. This is one of the best acid first aid or things you need to know about acid incident on the skin.

6. Remove any Clothing: Another safety measures of first aid to do for under acid attack is that after poring water on the victim's body, the next thing is to carefully remove the cloths either by using scissors to cut or anyhow. This is very good if you can do such so that the water will gain entrance to the affected area with ease.

7. Consult the Doctor: One the best thing or let me say the best first aid when an acid pour om the skin or face is to get a nearest hospital. You need no other thing than to call a doctor. After pouring water on the person body, do not touch such skin but call the doctor instead for immediate responds. Or you immediately find a car or bus and take the person to the hospital as fast as possible.

In Conclusion:

As discussed in the article content above, the best first aid treatment for acid incident in the skin, hair or face is to pour water, get a water source, remive clothings and contact a doctor immediately. All these are things you can do to save a life and to prevent someone skin from getting damage due to acid contact. Some people mistakenly come in contact with an acid while other deliberated pour it on another person's skin. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Its good to learn various first aid methods that works for all diseases but i love this one you posted on first aid for acid treatment on the skin. It make a lot of sense to me.