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Sep 6, 2019

5 Ways Google Products Can Improve Your Health Either Young or Old

Can any of the Google products improve the health either for young or old? When we talk about the internet, the first thing that comes to the mind is the big G called Google.  We look at the social media, search engines, sites, blogs, forums and many more.  But some Google product such as Google search, Google mail, Google maps, Trends and YouTube all have various benefits and advantages on our health and it applies to everyone young or old, male or female.

I will like people to know that there is no limit to what the internet can do especially some Google product that does wonders. Many weeks ago, I was having constipation in the middle of the night which means there is no how I could get prescription drugs at that moment and I can’t even go to the hospital at that time, I quickly open Google search and I type the home remedy for constipation that works fast. Many answers were do show up and I will tell you that it works.

Some of the Google products include;

1.  YouTube; this is a video platform where all activities regarding videos are uploaded and shared. But how does YouTube boos health?  YouTube boost health in case of in case of emergency simply because you can easily search any health related problem and you get thousand of result on that queries. For example, you want to lose weight fast, if you search that on youtube, you get over a million result that help you out on that or probably you want to get a price o drugs, surgery or health community online. There are millions of videos that help fix a health issue on Google product like YouTube with doctors and other health expert ready to help you fix your problem online. It’s the best place to get medical advice or treatment where there’s no doctor   

2.    Google maps:  Google maps have helped me a lot in locating various health centers and hospitals around me.   Lie there was a time I needed to get information on a nearby hospital for dental issue around me and Google maps clearly gave a direction and location of a dental clinic around my area.   You can also use this product get a location of doctors, health centers, clinic around you and I this has helped in improving healthcare in so many ways.

3.  Google trends: This is another latest product which has a lot of values to mankind especially in the areas of health related issues. Google trends mainly give information on trending topics all around the world and cover various areas including health. Like I got to know about Ebola from Google trends and recent areas affect in some part of Africa which makes it useful and educative to health.  Just yesterday, I saw trends on cancer in many part of united state as trends and I gained a lot from that. It helps me in getting latest discoveries, information, treatment and many more. 

4. Google search:  Google is the biggest search engine in the world and it’s the most reliable out of the rest. Even without going to the hospital or clinic, you get still get your answers to search topic in terms of videos, test, images, and many more. It has help to boost and improve the health sector in many ways where users can actually search and get enough result on their health issues. Imagine that I was able to get some information ways to cure stroke, pre and post recovery method which I still make use of till now. You and I can actually get some diseases prevented by searching for prevention on something on Google search. Like “how to prevent cancer, how to prevent having stds, how to prevent liver problem and many more. 

Ways Google products can Boost Your Health Either Young or Old

We can also get some medical information on cure of diseases, diseases prevented by searching for the cure to some diseases on Google search. Like “how to cure cancer, how to cure obesity, how to cure stds, how to cure liver problem, how to cure tooth ache, how to cure being overweight, hoe to cure rashes and many more. Google search is one of the beautiful thing that has ever happened to mankind and the internet whereas it can also be used to better the health sector and that is why we are providing useful information on how to use it for health.

5. Android: I think many people really don’t know the power and usefulness of their android phones. Android are not just there for fashion or enjoyment but it does a great deal for health as well. The beautiful thing about android is that all what we’ve been discussing can be done perfectly on your phone. You android phone can be a power house to getting load of information on health issues. The Google search, Google trends, YouTube, maps all are integrated on the android. All search result and topics have been modified for mobile as priority since the world is going more on mobile. It means if you have any health issue. Use your android phone to get some apps that can help you solve it, use Google search engine to get more information on prevention and cure of that diseases.

In conclusion;
As discussed above, you can see that it is easy to improve your health by power of information using Google product. Google trends, search, Android, YouTube are not just there for entertainment but for health as well. Doctors are online, nutritionists are online, and surgeons etc all have materials online to help you with your health issues. Thanks for reading.